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 | 12.10.2023

Read the highlights of recent events in the region. Selected by Norbert Dąbkowski.

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Irena Stonawska, founder of a scout troop and former journalist of "Głos", has died.
Sad news has reached our editorial office - on Tuesday, October 10, Irena Stonawska, long-time editor of „Głos Ludu" and founder of the scout team which today is called DH "Opty", passed away. 

The decline in inflation in the RC. The level of 6.9 percent surprised experts
There was a breath of slight optimism. In the Czech Republic, we recorded a decline in consumer inflation relative to August (8.50), the current inflation rate for September 2023 is 6.9 percent. This is well below overall expectations, especially in the group of economists, who expected a decline to 7.5 percent. 

Theater can influence and change reality. It is known who received the "Broken barrier."
It is already known who received the "Broken Barrier," the award of this year's International Theater Festival Without Borders, which took place from October 1 to 8 in Cieszyn and Český Těšín. The jury and the audience decided that it would be theaters from both sides of the border. 

Prague: Ewa Farna's 30th concert at the O2 Arena with surprises! The artist will be supported by bands from Zaolzie
30 dancers, a gospel choir, special guests kept in secret and... a Zaolzie support. Such will be the concert for Ewa Farna's 30th birthday. The artist will celebrate it on Saturday, October 14 with a full O2 arena in Prague. 

Only the forest did not betray. A review of the latest play performed by the Polish Stage of the Cieszyn Theatre
"There is no, there is no boy/ of the eagle from Kolochava/ Tell us gravediggers/ where he is buried," sings Katherine Kluz, playing the role of Erzika, the beloved of the robber, Mikola Shuhaj - the main character of the "Ballad for a Bandit." She also sings the same song at the end, right next to the body of her beloved man, throwing a bouquet of flowers into the river flowing at her feet. And into such a poetic bracket was closed this touching and full of dramatic scenes story about "the last Carpathian bandit Mikole Shuhaj, premiered on October 7 by the team of the Polish Stage of the Cieszyn Theater.

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