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English Voice - 22. 3. 2024 | 22.03.2024

Read the highlights of recent events in the region. Selected by Norbert Dąbkowski.

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Michal Wierzgon for "Głos": music knows no borders
A conversation with Michal Wierzgon, a jazz drummer and member of several bands, including the Nikol Bókowa Quartet.

Bukowiec: what about small schools - will they merge or not?
Thursday's assembly in Bukowiec was an opportunity to ask important questions in the context of rumors circulating about plans to merge small schools - Polish and Czech - within one municipality. Residents also raised the issue of the problem with receiving a subsidy for the renovation of the PZKO House, despite repeated attempts.

Józef Wierzgoń, prominent animator of Zaolzie musical life, has died
Sad news has reached us from Karwina. Józef Wierzgoń, an animator of music life in Zaolzie, conductor, songbook author, publicist, PZKO activist, co-worker of "Głos" and "Zwrot" has died at the age of 89.

4:3 for Trzyniec. Quarterfinal matchbol of the Steelers!
In the most dramatic match of the field hockey extraliga quarterfinal series so far between Trzyniec and České Budějovice, the Steelers (Stalownicy) rejoiced with victory for the third time, winning the matchbol on Thursday after a 4:3 win at the Motor rink.

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