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English Voice - 3. 11. 2023 | 03.11.2023

Read the highlights of recent events in the region. Selected by Norbert Dąbkowski.

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Zaolzie on reels. This is something to watch
Places that have completely changed their appearance over the last hundred years are plentiful in Zaolzie. One of the most prominent examples is Orłowa," is how Maciej Cymorek, an actor from Český Těšín, begins his story about this town in a short video about Zaolzie, which was published this week in the form of a so-called reel.

63 Polish cemeteries under the care of the Polonica Institute
The Polonica Institute takes good care of 63 Polish necropolises abroad. The Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv and others located in Ukraine, Latvia, France, Romania, Moldova and the United Kingdom, among others, have undergone repair, conservation and inventory projects. 

Region: three falls from height
Working at heights requires extreme caution. Three accidents that occurred earlier this week in Pietwałda, Szonowo and Jablonkov unfortunately prove that. All of them required the intervention of a helicopter of the Provincial Ambulance Service.

Mosty koło Jabłonkowa has a striking cemetery gate designed by Jan Karpiel-Bulecki
On November 1, in Mosty koło Jabłonkowa, a cemetery gate built in a highland style according to a design by Jan Karpiel-Bulecki of Zakopane was presented and consecrated. It is the idea of Andrzej Niedoba, who started implementing it when he was mayor of the village. Along with the impressive gate, which is another piece of small highland architecture in Mosty, the cemetery gained a new columbarium, which will hold about 170 urns.

Adam Ćmiel's perfect birthday
Pioseczna native Adam Ćmiel treated himself to a perfect birthday present last weekend. He rejoiced in the prestigious race in Sluszowice with two victories - first he triumphed in the saddle of the six-year-old gelding Erdemi during the Grade 1 Sergeant Thunder race, and then he also won the race in the relief of Senator Golánia (in the saddle of the five-year-old gelding Younes).

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