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Read the highlights of recent events in the region. Selected by Norbert Dąbkowski. 

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Klemens Słowioczek has passed away. Opera singer was 77
Klemens Słowioczek has passed away. Born 27 Nov 1945 in Stonawa, the soloist of Comic Opera in Berlin, in recent years he was involved with TA Grupa, a Chamber Singing Group.

Film Summer in Cierlicko has begun
In Cierlicko a film festival has been happening since Friday when the 3rd edition of the renewed Film Summer of Cierlicko was inaugurated. There is going to be two more days filled with Polish and Czech creators’ films.

23rd NATO Days. Poland main partner
The Leoš Janáček airport hosts the 23rd NATO Days. This year the main prtner of the event is Poland. Poland was the main partner in 2014. As a result a contingent of Polish soldiers has been larger than normally.

Poles in Zaolzie are a good example
The voice of Poles in Zaolzie is important and worth knowing – a meeting organized by Katowice branch of the Jagiellonian Club with representatives of minorities that live in the area of historic Silesia is a proof of that. Poles living beyond the Olza River were represented by Tomasz Pustówka, vice president of the Congress of Poles in the Czech Republic.

Penalty for Sparta in Werk Arena. Second defeat of Trzyniec in new season
Full Werk Arena witnessed the defeat of Trzyniec hokey players against Sparta Prague after penalties 2:3 within 2nd tour of Tipsport Extraleague. The regular time of game showed the draw of 2:2. Sunday in Werk Arena was a show of force for both goalkeepers.

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