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English Voice - 2. 12. 2023 | 02.12.2023

Read the highlights of recent events in the region. Selected by Norbert Dąbkowski.

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Only the "Suszanie" can do that
The Song and Dance Ensemble "Suszanie" of the local PZKO Circle in Sucha Górna celebrated its 70th anniversary on Saturday almost until dawn. The celebration was inaugurated by a nearly four-hour concert at the L. Janáček House of Culture in Havířov. The event continued with a social party at the Workers' House in Sucha Górna.

Gnojnik: poetry among the youth
The Polish elementary school in Gnojnik has for years organized a recitation contest for students from all Polish schools in Zaolzie. On Friday, the final of the J. Kubisz Recitation Contest was held there.

Tipsport Ekstraliga: First fun, then thriller
Trzyniec's hockey players claimed their fourth consecutive victory in the Tipsport Ekstraliga on Friday night. The RC champion defeated České Budějovice 3:2 in their own stadium.

Bogumin-Skrzeczon: The Christmas market continues all Saturday at the PZKO House
Ideas for original gifts, i.e. charming gnomes, stylish sleds, picturesque houses, unique Christmas trees and, at the same time, dinner in a festive atmosphere, carols and conversations over coffee and kołacz - this is the recipe for Saturday, December 2. At the PZKO House in Skrzeczon, the Christmas Fair continues until 6 pm. There are also attractions for children!

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